Product Testing

Analytical testing is required for all approved formulas prior to moving into the manufacturing phase of production. Traceability is critical and our quality control team verifies each ingredient’s fingerprint upon arrival to our facility according to the specification and documentation provided by raw material suppliers. By default, we also require all raw material suppliers to provide adequate documentation to specify that raw materials and cruelty free and responsibly sourced. 


A third-party verified Preservative Efficacy Test and/or a Water Activity Test is required prior to production along with 12 weeks of in-house accelerated stability and compatibility testing.  When formulas are updated for any reason, altering the percentages of ingredients even in modest increments, these tests need to be repeated to ensure product stability and verify formula shelf life.­­

Additional testing may be required for regulatory clearance purposes, foreign distribution, to verify packaging claims, or to produce FDA regulated OTC categories such as SPF, Acne, or Eczema. 


Additional third-party microbial tests are conducted on products throughout the manufacturing process to help verify that each produced batch is appropriately preserved for the approved retail sales cycle. Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets are issued for each batch we manufacture.