Defining Clean Beauty

With no published or legal standards for natural cosmetics in the USA, our clients provide their definition of clean for us, giving us a no list for each product before it is developed along with a list of the claims that they would like to make on their packaging and website, including but not limited to:

Gluten Free
Phthalate free
Reef Friendly
Sulfate Free

At our baseline we are also cruelty free and paraben free and we require raw material suppliers to supply safety data sheets and responsibly sourced documentation. We also follow EWG guidelines, attempting to use ingredients that rank 3 or less, with some exceptions for retinoids, if preferred.

We strive to be transparent and communicative throughout the development process so that each client meets their target standards for non-toxic, environmentally-friendly beauty.

We can make COSMOS certified products and are able to develop formulas to suit standards defined by retailers like Credo, Sephora, and Whole Foods.