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What certifications do you have?

We are GMP certified.

We are COSMOS registered.

We are FDA registered.

We are Halal certified.

ISO – We are certified for: ISO 9001 (2015) and 22716

We are currently undergoing certification for: ISO 14001, and ISO 45001

How long does it take to launch a new formula?

We specialize in highly customized non-toxic and natural formulas in the prestige beauty space. We advise our clients to plan a minimum of 6-12 months for product development as well as 3 months for formula testing before you will be able to place a purchase order.

Can you manufacture natural and organic formulas?

Yes. We need to know what standards you would like to hit to achieve your claims. It is also helpful to know a list of your preferred “clean” retail partners so we can make sure formulas meet the retailers’ latest standards, and avoid all ingredients on their “no lists” as well.

Do I own formulas that you develop for me?

The Intellectual Property for a product that Happy Farm Botanicals develops for a client is owned exclusively by Happy Farm Botanicals until terms for a formula transfer are agreed upon by both parties.

Do you offer primary and secondary packaging design services?

While we fill juice into our client’s provided packaging for primary and secondary, we do not source primary and secondary packaging on behalf of our clients.

What is your MOQ?

Minimum Order Quantity really varies from product to product, depending on the MOQs of our suppliers. We do not generally set up fill lines for less than 2000 pieces.

Can you make OTC products?

Yes, we are an FDA registered facility. The MOQ for production on customized OTC products is no less than 5000 units.

Do you have private label formulas?

We are a custom development house so we do not currently have private label formulas at this time. A private label SPF formula will be available in the second half of 2023.

I have a formula that I make at home. If I send it to you can you manufacture it for me?

We can transfer a formula that has completed and passed Preservative Efficacy and Stability Testing. If you have not completed required testing, we would have to complete passing tests. This would take a minimum of 3 months before we could process a purchase order.

Do you arrange shipping of completed merchandise?

We operate ex-works meaning you take ownership of goods from our loading dock. This requires that merchandise is paid in full prior to your shipping company arranging to pick up goods.

if I have a product that uses a raw material that I make, can you develop and manufacture using it?

All raw materials require SDS and COA for HFB to use them in production. If a raw material that you would like us to use has the approved documentation and meets other internal criteria for quality assurance, we can certainly investigate for use in your formula.

I am ready to get started, what are the next steps?

Please contact info@hfblabs.com and someone will contact you to set up an introductory appointment to discuss your project.